Board of Directors (CA)

The Board of Directors (CA) supports the sound management of the organization while ensuring the respect and achievement of the mission. The Board, according to the statutes of the association, defines the main orientations that an executive committee (CE) is responsible for implementing.

Sandra Adjou-M. Akiremy


Afro optimism and proud Mother of two champions, I believe that all men are born equal and should live equal. I am an advocate for change together. An African proverb that motivated me for AICC: “Alone we go faster, together we go further.»

Sovi L. Ahouansou

Administrator - Advisor

Mr. Sovi L. Ahouansou, works in participatory development with local communities on several development issues including capacity building and integration issues in minority areas.”



Administrator - Advisor

Director of an early childhood centre and mother of two big girls, I have always enjoyed working with children. Attachment to my origins and values has always been an asset for my development.



Secretary – Advisor

A student in Women’s rights and equal opportunities, I am a dean of cadets and I like to work and motivate the youngest.


Administrator - Advisor

Father of twins, I believe that it is absolutely essential to instil in my daughters the pride of my roots. “I am African, not because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me.(Kwame Nkrumah)


Administrator - Advisor

Entrepreneur and Mother of three beautiful children, multi-culturality is a societal asset that I support 1000%.


Administrator - Advisor

Mother of three boys and passionate about African cuisine, I am financially trained. The mission of the CICA touches me, so I support it with pleasure.

Comité Exécutif (CE)

Le rôle du Comité Exécutif est d’assurer la gestion quotidienne des programmes ainsi que la promotion et expansion du Centre.

Grancia Avoce

Responsable des Bénévoles

Karl Akiremy

Responsable Décor et Médias

Haby Ba-Chobeaux

Responsable Marketing Communications

Lauryne Assa

Responsable Programmation

Clovis Adjou-Moumouni

Administrateur Web

Deborah Kabi

Agente Administrative

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